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Stargazing: Will Modano Get Another Chance in Game 7? Thrashers Relocation Rumors

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For the fourth time in the last week we'll ask: "Is tonight the last game of Mike Modano's career?" And for the fourth time the San Jose Sharks just might give a resounding "no!". What's nice for Mike is that it appears as though Franzen is in bad shape and that he'll get into the lineup again for game 7, at least getting the chance to go down swinging if things should go the wrong way.

While most of the hockey world will have their eyes on Modano, the Wings and the Sharks tonight, the folks in Atlanta are feeling the heat today as relocation rumors have started surfacing at an alarming rate after the Coyotes were granted a stay of execution on Tuesday. An Atlanta radio host claims to have been told by Thrashers players that a major announcement regarding relocation is expected, though nothing official until after the Finals.

SB Nation Atlanta and Aaron Portzline (covers the Blue Jackets) say other Thrashers players have heard nothing. This all serves as a stunning back drop for a Dallas Stars sale that seems pretty ho-hum in comparison. (Thank the hockey gods...)


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