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Stargazing: Sharks Reeling, Coyotes Get New $25 Million From Glendale

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Would the Stars have been worse off if they had made the playoffs? That's the question Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News posed yesterday afternoon and shamelessly I thought it's one we all might like to address. Heika concludes that a playoff round ultimately would have been better for the franchise as well as the individuals on the team from an experience standpoint, but points out that it may have given the lenders more latitude on the sale of the team, pushing it back even further.

He also raises the question: Would they have sold out their playoff games and wouldn't that have been an embarrassing situation? You say "of course they would have sold out," and that was my reaction as well but as he points out, Phoenix and Los Angeles had hundreds of vacant seats in their arenas.

Ultimately, the sale aside, the argument will probably center around Marc Crawford. If they make the playoffs does he get fired? We'll never know, but I would still take a Vancouver sweep even knowing what I know now.

Check out Heika's piece at the DMN quick before they pay-wall it.


  • The big news of the morning is the clenched buttocks all across Sharks nation as the Wings dominated the last night, had a scare and then eventually took the decision. They've come back from 0-3 to force a game 7 in San Jose and Mike Modano's career has been extended at least one additional game. [Puck Daddy] Stars fans on Twitter still seem split on rooting against DET or SJS.
  • The Glendale City Council voted to back up another dump truck full of tax payer cash and hand it over to Gary Bettman, keeping them in Phoenix next year. At the meeting it was said that hockey just needs time to work there. Presumably 15 years has not been enough. Good for the fans though. [USA Today]
  • Dallas Star Loui Eriksson is back playing with team Sweden in the IIHF World Championships. Team USA will play the Czech Republic this morning in the quarterfinals. [ESPN]
  • Here's an FYI for Sean Avery, the agent who reacted to his recent comments concerning gay marriage, and any other athlete who feels the need to step outside of sports: No one cares either way what you think about that. Though, apparently the DMN thought it was a story. A free one at that. [DMN]
  • The Texas Rangers put a graphic up on their board to "stop the wave." The origin is this fine site here, where you can buy brilliant "stop the wave" t-shirts. I love it. The wave must be stopped. At all costs. Everywhere. []
  • A mention for 20 year old Stars prospect Reilly Smith is here at the Brampton Guardian. Evidently the Excelsiors of Junior A (that's one level below major juniors where Jack Campbell is now) own Smith's rights now and he could play there while attending college because junior A is considered amateur by the NCAA. [BramptonGuardian]
  • ESPN Dallas has an update on Stars' defensive prospect John Klingberg [ESPN Dallas]