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Stars Win Again! 3-2 Over Avalanche

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To paraphrase a famous playoff call by Ralph Strangis: Game 82 is NECESSARY!  The Dallas Stars win a heart-stopper of a contest Friday night against the Colorado Avalanche by a 3-2 score and yet again stay alive in the race for one of the final playoff spots in the west.  It wasn't pretty tonight, and in fact in the last two minutes it was downright panic inducing, but the Stars encountered a very tough situation - facing the same team as they had the night before on the road after having won the first game at home - and pulled through with a win in regulation time.

If the Stars effort in tonight's game doesn't impress you as a Stars fan, then the fact that all five Stars seemed to dive in front of the net on a goal mouth scramble with 30 seconds left in the third period in order to prevent a tying Avalanche goal should have.  And if that didn't even do it for you, then Mike Ribeiro's fearless block while on both knees with 18 seconds left should.

The Stars got on the Avs again early as Ribeiro scored ten minutes in and overall had an even better first period tonight than they did the previous night in limiting Colorado to just two shots compared to the 11 the Stars had.  The rest of the game sadly wasn't quite as dominant for the Stars as the Avalanche didn't roll over for the Stars like some other teams tonight did for other clubs the Stars were chasing in the playoffs, but Loui Eriksson's goal in the second period and Brenden Morrow's goal less a minute into the third period (dejavu anyone?) were enough to overcome Brandon Yip's two goals on the night.

Overall the offense was there when needed, the defense was steady and the goaltending just good enough to get the Stars two more points in the standings and at least lock up 9th in the west with 95 points.

Of course it's at least 8th place they are after and Sunday - depending of course what happens in the Hawks / Wings game - they will have a chance to play for it.

(Bullet points and three stars after the jump..)
  • Again the Avalanche gave up some needless penalties, but again the Stars couldn't make them pay as they went 0-3 on the power play.  Also again the Stars showed great discipline and committed only one penalty which they killed with ease.
  • Other Stars getting points:  Karlis Skrastins, Brad Richards, Jamie Benn, Steve Ott and Ribeiro all got single assists.
  • Ribs went 8 and 2 in the faceoff dot..  Maybe the Stars did lock him in a room with Stu Barnes?  One of his wins saw the puck flying back and clipping Ott in the face, forcing him to go to the dressing room for repairs and come back out wearing a visor.  So as was pointed out - in a kidding manner of course - during the game day thread(s), even when he's winning faceoffs he's still hurting the team...
  • Speaking of our game day threads, large turn out for them helped by our friends over at Lone Star Ball who had a free night thanks to some rain in Baltimore, so a tap of the stick to them for joining us tonight!  We at DBD can't help but notice that the Texas Rangers game on Sunday is a few hours earlier and should be ending just as the Stars are getting underway, so we hope to see you all again on Sunday.
Defending Big D Three Stars
1 - Mike Ribeiro (DAL)
2 - Brandon Yip (COL)
3 - Brenden Morrow (DAL)