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Stargazing: Zetterberg Out For Detroit, Glennie Makes AHL Debut

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Only four hours until you can turn your tie breaking playoff scenario computing brain off and just blissfully watch hockey without having to worry about how the Red Wings are possibly going to beat the Blackhawks this weekend.

After all, there's a pretty large amount of business that needs to be take care of on this end of things before that matters a bit. The tenor of the conversation among Stars fans suggests that the next six points are somehow in the bag. Did we forget the Blue Jackets game already? That was tough, and one bad bounce here or there and the Stars could be done already. Toss their recent (lack of) success where Colorado is concerned in there and what you've got is a real challenge tonight, albeit a manageable one.

Needless to say, there are what we'll politely call "plenty" of tickets left tonight, so tell your friends to get their butts down there.


  • Razor celebrates the Central Division crown the Stars didn't really win, but they own that division. [Razor]
  • The view on the various clinching scenarios from Chicago [ESPN Chicago]
  • Some say Burish is a game time decision, others call him doubtful, like Gerry Fraley who apparently covers the Dallas Stars all of a sudden. [DMN]
  • Henrik Zetterberg has been declared out for the Wings final two games of the season, which figures because Dallas desperately needs Detroit to show up against Chicago this weekend. Now they're without their best player and slumping down the stretch. Did you see that Mike Modano was a healthy scratch for Detroit the other night? [Puck Daddy]
  • says the Stars need to improve against the Avalanche, and Stephane Robidas says they're still a good team, just a little injured. []
  • Scott Glennie made his AHL debut last night and played limited minutes on the team's fourth line, recording a -1 on the evening. Visit Hundred Degree Hockey for more. The Texas Stars are on the verge of clinching a playoff spot. [Hundred Degree Hockey]
  • A humorous(?) look at the NHL War room last night while reviewing the puck Hossa kicked into a post that somehow counted as a goal and turned the game around for Chicago. [Pegasus News]
  • Jack Campbell is relishing the pressure of the OHL playoffs with the Windsor Spitfires. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • Where as Jamie Benn couldn't crack ESPN's top 100 forwards for Fantasy Hockey next year, Alex Goligoski is #7. [ESPN]