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Dallas Stars Need Home Ice To Be More of an Advantage on Thursday

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There was a sort of ironic symmetry to the start of the year and the proceedings last night as the Dallas Stars took on the Blue Jackets. The season began with everyone paying attention to how well the Texas Rangers were doing and unfortunately it looks as though the season might end that way as well.

16,012 officially saw that game last night, just a shade over their season average of 15,072, though we all know there weren't that many butts in the seats.

The symmetry, it turns out, also extends to this blogger's complaining: As we said in October, where the heck is everyone?

Even the Columbus beat writer couldn't help but get in a jab before he left town with the defunct Blue Jackets...

The Blue Jackets spent the day steeling themselves to face a rowdy crowd and a full-on assault by the Dallas Stars, a team facing a win-or-else scenario for the Stanley Cup playoffs in their final four games of the season.

Neither the crowd nor a sustained assault arrived, but it didn't matter. At the end of a mostly sleepy night inside the American Airlines Center, the Stars got their two points... [Dispatch]

Side Note: The Blue Jackets average 13,350 a night in their building.

We gave up this fight early in the season, begrudgingly accepting the way things were going to be this year as a combination of two down seasons (no playoffs) and an ownership imbroglio that has much of the fan base's panties in a collective wad, but that display last night was a little disappointing when considering the massive, massive importance of the game.

So here's one final, seemingly pointless plea: Let's fill that building up on Thursday. That game's going to mean everything. Just like last night's did. This is a great group of guys who are still fighting their arse's off and are still very, very alive in the playoff race with only three to play.

There's still about 3,500 tickets available through ticketmaster (The Stars, essentially) and hundreds more through the various ticket brokers (Stub Hub, etc). Apparently there's even 62 seats left in good old section 314, home of yours truly. Come and join me there? Please? There are obviously a lot of people who care a great deal about this team out there.

Most of the people who read this blog are there already, or would be if they could be. This is not an attack on anyone. It's just venting frustration that we all share.

To borrow a phrase from the Dallas Mavericks, this team deserves something resembling "rowdy, proud and loud," not "late arriving."

Editors note: People like to point out that I have a press pass. Yes. I also have season tickets and my family and I have invested many, many thousands of dollars in this team over the years, mostly in beer. So save the emails.*