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Stargazing: Fistric Back Tonight; Stephane Robidas Stars' Masterton Nominee

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Dallas Stars fans have felt hopeless and helpless these last couple of weeks. The team went on a five game road trip and returned with only three points. What could you do? Good news: Craig Ludwig thinks there's something very, very important that you can do tonight and he talked about it on Stars Live Sunday night... (apologies for lousy audio)

Craig Ludwig has spoken. Let's make some noise. On to Tuesday links...

  • The Phoenix Business journal says the longer the Coyotes are in the playoffs, the more likely it is that they'll stay in Arizona. Once their season is over the league must look at the situation more carefully and make a timely decision on whether or not to move forward with the Hulsizer deal. So the irony here is that the people in Winnipeg who want this group of players to move up there will be rooting against them this spring. [Phoenix Business Journal]
  • The Canadiens have not been good down the stretch but can clinch a playoff spot tonight against Chicago. Stars fans everywhere hope that's motivation enough for the Habs to squeak by IN REGULATION. [Globe and Mail]
  • How would the standings be affected by completely ditching the loser point? [SB Nation]
  • Stephane Robidas has been selected as Dallas' Masterton Trophy nominee. The Masterton Trophy is presented annually to the NHL player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Mark Fistric was put through the league's new concussion procedures after being high sticked on Saturday. How can they do that if there was no penalty on the play? Obviously he didn't get high sticked, right? Right? [DMN]
  • You can listen to Puck Daddy radio from earlier today to catch Razor on with Wysh talking Dallas Stars playoff chances. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Kings will probably get into the playoffs but...that's probably it. Here's a lengthy look at their situation. Imagine if Dallas had found a way on Saturday with the way they're fading down the stretch. It could have been the Kings that the Stars can catch. [TFP]