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Dallas Stars Sponsor "Bully-Proof" Night against Columbus

The Dallas Stars and the Dallas Stars Foundation are sponsoring a special promotion tonight called "Bully-Proof" night.

From the Stars website: Bully Proof presents a leading-edge national school assembly program that is designed to inspire young people to courageously stand up to bullying. The organization’s mission is simple – "Securing America’s future by bully-proofing our schools one student at a time through education and awareness." Bully Proof wants to encourage millions of young people to raise a united voice in the hallways of America that is loud and strong: "Not in my school!"

Participating in the event will be many former Dallas Stars greats and other NHL alumni including Jere Lehtinen, Brett Hull, Andy Moog, Bob Bassen, Landon Wilson, Gerald Diduck, Steve Duchesne, Steve Dykstra and Bill Huard. If you are one of THE FIRST 200 in line you can get an autograph with these gentlemen.

As a goofy little scrawny kid who was bullied pretty regularly in middle school I can sincerely say that I hope these folks are making a difference out there (though I do attribute much of my success in life to being such an enormous nerd). You can find their web site here. Bully Proof Foundation.

For the rest of you who won't be lining up for autographs, please remember that the game is on the alternate channel tonight. From Fox Sports...

Below are channel numbers for Tuesday's and Friday's games on FSSW Plus. You'll notice they've [AT&T] assigned Tuesday's game to an alternate channel not normally associated with FOX Sports Southwest due to a heavy schedule of events on FSSW/FSHOUSTON (Rangers, Spurs, Thunder, Stars, Astros):

Tuesday, April 5 vs. Columbus
Time Warner channel 960
Charter Cable channel 300
DirecTV channel 680 (680-1 HD)
Dish Network channel 478
AT&T U-Verse channel 691 (1691 HD)
Verizon Fios channel 77 (577 HD)