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Stargazing: Stars' Adam Burish, Nicklas Grossman Still Out

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No surprises from practice today as the Stars had a light workout. Adam Burish actually took part and Nick Grossman skated on his own away from his compadres but neither will be able to play against Columbus on Tuesday night as the Stars try to finish out their remaining schedule with perfection.

With a stress fracture, the best thing (the only thing, really) to do is to stay OFF of the leg. The only remedy is time. If Burish has a stress fracture as has been reported, then a potential comeback could happen with the injury not truly healed, meaning a strong possibility of reprisals on IR. A stress fracture is an overuse injury. To heal you need to stop the activity causing the overuse. In Adam's case, it's playing hockey.

Nevertheless they will not rule out his return with only four games remaining. I'm considering Nick Grossman a more realistic possibility now that he's back on skates and fitted with a brace.

Fistric could get back in the lineup on Tuesday, though at this point, would anyone really blame Crawford for rolling with the lineup that finally got him a WIN?


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