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Video: Mike Ribeiro Hits Handzus Up High

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Mike Ribeiro played chicken with common sense and nearly an entire season's worth of precedence where the NHL's new head shot rule is concerned. Miraculously he received no punishment in the game and as we get closer to game time in Anaheim, it appears as though he will receive none from the league.

Remarkably, the whole thing seems like a non-issue.

At this point in the proceedings I was watching the game on mute, because I had no intention of listening to a lot people pretend they care about a hockey team that they historically have not when the empty netter was eventually scored.

I said to myself immediately "Wow, Ribs just ended his season" and also "At least we'll have something to talk about on the blog." So I was pretty surprised when play continued and Ribs still wasn't in the box. With all the talk about the breaks that Dallas isn't getting these days, this might have been one they did get.

Only a win in Anaheim tonight and a whole lot of help can make it count for anything. If anything it's just another indictment of the inconsistencies in officiating, which yesterday also included uncalled high sticks to the faces of Mark Fistric, Tom Wandell and Alex Goligoski.

Were you surprised at the lack of punishment?