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Please Welcome To Defending Big D: Taylor Baird

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We'd like to extend a very warm welcome to the newest member of the Defending Big D staff: Taylor Baird. You may know her around these parts as taylor_bean, famous for her reports during intermission from her seats behind the goaltender.

We're extremely excited to have Taylor come on board and provide us with a fresh, new perspective on the Dallas Stars and hockey. We're constantly looking to expand our coverage and Taylor provides us with this opportunity. While providing some very interesting marketing and fan research -- as well as original analysis on the Stars -- Taylor will be heading up the official Defending Big D prediction game next season. We're still working on a title.

Taylor is also a regular at Allen Americans games, and we look forward to getting her perspective on the health of hockey in general in North Texas -- something that is important to all of us.

While Taylor works on her initial post to present to the masses, we wanted to give her as hearty a welcome as we could muster. Be better to her that you have been to me.

I'm looking at you, Travis.