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Stargazing: Still No Modano For Stars Fans to Watch in Playoffs

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Are you enjoying the playoffs, Stars fans? Do you hate the Red Wings for just turning it on like that? Do you feel dirty rooting for the Kings to beat the Sharks? (I do). Do you watch the Predators and Ducks with much loathing, confused about which one has the ugliest uniforms? Do you wistfully watch the Blackhawks and think "that could be us coming home down 2-0!!"?

Many Stars fans wanted to at least watch Mike Modano this spring and cheer him on, except he hasn't been able to get himself in the series yet, sadly. Modano told media on a phone interview last week...

"I’m glad I did it in the sense that it was a chance to play for a great team, a great organization and a chance to play close to home," Modano said in a phone interview on Monday. "If I hadn’t done this, I would have always wondered; so in that sense I am glad I did it." [Boston Herald]

I think the rest of us are just glad it's almost over, but we look forward to watching him out there a final time or two, even if it is in that insidious red rag.


From the FWST and their 'sports humorist':

I didn't think it was possible to throw a rock into a pond without making a ripple until Stars general manager Joe Nieuwendyk fired Marc Crawford. Everybody does know that Crawford got fired, right?

A rock into a pond without making a ripple. Kind of like every time the FWST prints an issue...

  • The Allen Americans were the best team in the CHL this year but could go down 2-0 at home in their second round series today. However it works out, we hope it makes owner Doug Miller want to buy the Stars even more. [DMN]
  • Jean Jacques Taylor says Joe Nieuwendyk's triumph in the Crawford firing is that it was a swift admission of a mistake, something other GM's in this town have trouble doing. []
  • Brad Richards tops the free agent list, of course, but look at the rest of the names. Who would you like to see the Stars grossly overpay on July 1st if they have $$ to spend because of his departure? Slim pickins. [USA Today]
  • Good discussion of the economic climate in the NHL right now as it relates to the sale of the St. Louis Blues and other teams. Most interesting is a claim that the even the Wild are losing money up in Minnesota. []
  • The Phoenix Coyotes are leaving it all on the ice but in Canada the focus is till off the ice...all the way to Winnipeg. They're calling them "the walking dead." Coyote fans have to be wondering about these two home games coming up and if there will ever be more. Pretty sad state of affairs. []
  • Hundred Degree Hockey has coverage of the Texas Stars and their series against the Milwaukee Admirals. [Hundred Degree Hockey]