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Stargazing: Local Media Weighs In on Stars' Demise

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Less than 48 hours removed from what I would argue was the biggest kick in our Dallas Stars groins since the way Game 7 was officiated in Vancouver in the spring 2007, fans and the community are still trying to move on and the local media, as it turns out, has cast a token glance at the hockey team this week.

Local sports radio shows spent a segment, or a half segment as the case may be, eulogizing the Stars. Most of them were little more than a meandering, uninformed series of questions about a single game that was not really the reason they missed the playoffs, a wave goodbye to Richards, and a mention or two about Tom Hicks. I know a lot of you stayed away from the radio yesterday. Probably a good call.

The local columnists are starting to have their say now, and we'll look at a couple of those here, if you can stomach it. More meaningful commentary will come from Joe Nieuwendyk later today and we hope to have those quotes by morning. In the mean time...


  • On the Forecheck has a look at the upcoming series between the Texas Stars and Milwaukee Admirals. [On the Forecheck]
  • ESPN Dallas looks at the Stars by the numbers. You'll notice they were pretty middle of the road on almost everything outside of the home power play, which was top 10, and shooting percentage, which fuels the fire of those who say the Stars overachieved. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Mr. Cowlishaw writes this piece that somehow found it's way outside of the DMN Paywall on a different site, and it's pretty out there, suggesting that a team and a system currently being constructed to play one style of hockey under a man (Joe Nieuwendyk) who wants to play that style of hockey, should fire Marc Crawford and bring back Ken Hitchcock, thus playing a completely different style. Huh. [Merced Sun-Star]
  • Damien Cox makes a rare bit of sense about a report in Canada published claiming they can support 12 NHL teams up there. []
  • The Flames probably can't afford to keep Alex Tanguay, who's due for a big raise after a season of 69 points. They compare him to Mike Ribeiro's production and his $5 million salary. [Calgary Herald]
  • The draft lottery is tonight. The Stars have a 0.5% chance of winning and moving up four spots to ninth. So... Yeah, 14th pick in the draft. [DMN]
  • Jen Floyd-Engel goes about the business of blaming one man in particular for the failure of an entire hockey team. Somehow. She calls out Brad Richards, who had a goal and an assist on Sunday, says "there are no winners on losers," says the Stars run to the WCF was in 2007, does't even mention the word "concussion" in the whole piece, says she "cannot stand this current configuration of Stars", and concludes with "See ya, dude." ...And we'll see her next hockey column in 8-10 months. [Star-Telegram]
  • Apparently there is a place called "Climax" in Canada and Stars associate Coach Willie Desjardins is from there. []