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Thank You, Defending Big D Community

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There may be a lot of disappointment in the hearts of Stars fans tonight. In fact, I know there is. It's been a rough night at the Worley home and while there is definitely anger, frustration and sadness at the end of what was ultimately an exciting and promising season there has still been much to celebrate over the past year.

Specifically, we wanted to celebrate the growth of Defending Big D as we became a force to be reckoned with in the online hockey world.

It's been an incredible journey ever since I launched this blog way back in January of 2009 (has it really been that long?1?!?) and I always had hope that DBD would eventually foster a thriving community that welcomed Stars fans and invited discussion and debate. I never dreamed it would become the living and breathing entity it now is, full of colorful and insightful readers and commenters that make everyday on this blog more enjoyable than the last.

This blog has reached many milestones over the summer, setting daily, weekly and monthly traffic records. We have more active members than ever before. Sometime over the next week or so we'll hit 2,000,000 total page views. Not bad for a little ol' blog about hockey in the South.

There are many of us that hail from outside Dallas, outside Texas and even outside the United States. There are many Dallas Stars fans that don't have the opportunity to cheer on this team and live and die with the Stars with other hardcore fans. It is here that the fellowship many long for can be found and I can only thank you, the loyal DBD community for building this incredible camaraderie we now share.

This season may have been a disappointment in the end, but I could not be more proud and more joyful than to have shared in the ups and downs of such a wild year with every single one of you.

I hope that everyone remains for the offseason, as we will continue strong. We will not quit and in fact may have even more daily content than ever before. Defending Big D will cover the NHL playoffs in full detail and we'll dive deep into the ailments of the Dallas Stars, a team that is so very close to becoming something truly special.

From all of us on the DBD staff, we thank you.

This game has only just begun.