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Stars Back in Control of Destiny With Detroit Win Over Chicago

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The scoreboard watching Dallas Stars fans have been doing has been extraordinarily frustrating over the last month with some stretches recently as bad as nine negative results in a row for Dallas, but no longer. The universe saved the best for last and on a day that seemed destined for a plop and a thud, and the Stars have new life thanks to the Detroit Red Wings.

The Blackhawks put up a huge fight and the Red Wings answered with opportune goal scoring in their somewhat limited quality chances as Chicago controlled much of the play throughout. The Red Wings killed off a penalty with only three minutes remaining and were never themselves awarded a power play. Somehow. Despite numerous apparent infractions by the Hawks. C'est la vie.

The formula for the Stars is now simple. Win in regulation or overtime and you're going to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since 2007-2008. Never mind where they'd be going. They'd be going!

A more formal game preview for a game that now matters (indeed it means everything) is on the way but celebrate here and go sacrifice whatever you have to in the back yard. Put on your lucky boxers, shirt, hat, whatever. Let's get it done.

Your destiny has been handed back to you Stars. Don't pull a Carolina.