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Stargazing: Chara Gets Nothing, Possible Coyotes Realignment Talk

As the sale of Phoenix Coyotes seemingly reaches what must be it's 7th or 8th climax at this point, talk is heating up out there about possible realignment should Winnipeg (population: 732) become their new home as the NHL pursues alternate avenues.

No matter where you come down on the "should Phoenix have an NHL team?" and "Is Winnipeg the best financial environment for a possible move?" arguments, one thing is certain: This is a sad state of affairs. Gary Bettman's comments last night during the Coyotes broadcast would not have comforted me if I were a Phoenix fan, and this threatens to put an absolute TON of people out of work in a state already hit hard by the economic developments of the last five years.

So it is with zero glee or joy that I point you this afternoon to discussions on possible realignment, but this is something that would likely affect the Stars. Ideas out there include moving the Stars to the Central, moving the Stars to the Southeast, moving the Avalanche to the Pacific, etc, etc... See the OGA blog for a good sampling and discuss below. What would the best course of action be from a Stars stand point?


  • Evidently the Kings power play was so bad against Dallas the other night they've decided to change their strategy and drop the umbrella entirely. [Kings Insider]
  • Jack Campbell was having his authority as #1 goaltender in Windsor challenged by newcomer John Cullen, but an injury to Cullen puts Campbell back in the drivers seat as the Spitfires move toward the end of the regular season. [Windsor Star]
  • Get this...Baseball is getting pushed to FSSW+ on Sunday and the Stars will be on FSSW proper. (Yeah, it's a spring training game but it's still a victory, right? right?) [Lone Star Ball]
  • The Hockey News gives Goligoski's strong play since moving to Dallas some love in a piece about how Letang's development made him expendable. [THN]
  • Puck Daddy looks at the Chara hit on Pacioretty at length including a still photo of Chara extending his arm to his head. Then news comes down today that there will not even be a single game handed out for it. [Puck Daddy]
  • Hundred Degree Hockey takes a look at a favorite old couple in Cedar Park known as "the kiss cam couple". [Hundred Degree Hockey] We should all be so lucky as to grow old with someone we care about at hockey games.
  • says the Flames can do this, and the Flames can do that with wins/losses tonight. What about what the Stars can do? []
  • Brad Richards' Twitter account suggests he's looking forward to tonight. [Twitter]