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Crawford: Brad Richards "Scheduled" To Play Tonight Against Calgary

Looks like he's back. At least for the time being.
Looks like he's back. At least for the time being.

Brad Richards went through the full morning skate with the Dallas Stars this morning, as did Nicklas Grossman. One is expected back, one is not.

It appears as though the long wait is over and Brad Richards is ready to return. Marc Crawford said Brad Richards is "scheduled" to play tonight and "we're excited about Brad coming back and playing a big part in tonight's game."

Richards will (supposedly) return without having taken any practice with Dallas since the workout with the team in Phoenix in which he suffered a setback, so it will be interesting to see how he responds to game conditions tonight.

When asked if Richards would be use tentatively or sparingly because of the nature and sensitivity of this kind of come back, Crawford said no. "If he's in, he's in." He later added he doesn't see him playing the same minutes he played before in his first game back, so take all of that for what you will.

Just two minutes prior Brad Richards said "I want to play, but it's not all up to me," adding that he had been medically cleared to play. Cross your fingers that this all stays the same for the next 8 hours because as we've seen with concussion symptoms, anything is possible, but he sounds like he has some confidence in his situation saying "when it's time to get back out there, you just know." He said the last two weeks he wouldn't have wanted to play, so the fact that he does tonight is very positive.

Nick Grossman skated, is still "getting closer" but will not play tonight, possibly against Minnesota on Friday night.