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Pacific Division Watch: March 8, 2011

The race for the playoffs is on and no other division is more hotly contested right now than the Pacific division with all five teams within seven points of each other - by far the narrowest of gaps in any of the six divisions - not to mention only one of two divisions to have all five teams playing above.500 hockey.  With that in mind, from here until the end of the regular season we here at Defending Big D in doing our best to be your source for all things Stars related will keep an eye on the division and nightly (when the Stars aren't playing of course) give updates on what Dallas' division rivals have done, what is upcoming for them and thoughts from a Stars fan perspective...

Pacific Standings

San Jose 67 39 22 6 84
Dallas 66 36 23 7 79
Phoenix 68 34 23 11 79
Los Angeles 66 36 25 5 77
Anaheim 66 35 26 5 75


Anaheim Ducks (35-26-5)
Current Streak: One loss
Last Game:  3-0 Loss vs Vancouver on Sunday
Next Game: Wednesday vs NY Rangers
Thoughts:  Rangers haven't lost in the Pond (screw you Honda) in over ten years which in reality is a grand total of three whole games.  Speaking of three, Rangers haven't won three in a row in two months time either.  get used to cheering for the Rangers for the next few days as they make their way around the west coast.  (And yes, we'll forgive you if you don't cheer for a certain #16 on New York...)

Los Angeles Kings (36-25-5)
Current Streak:  One OT Loss (Two losses in a row)
Last Game:  4-3 OT Loss vs Dallas on Monday
Next Game:  Wednesday vs Detroit
Thoughts:  Kings fans are still shaking their head wondering what Drew Doughty was thinking coughing up the puck to Jamie Benn while on that power play to tie the game up in the third period on Monday night.  Of course we Stars fans know Drew really isn't to blame as he was awestruck - just like the rest of us have been - by Benn's awesome awesomeness.

Phoenix Coyotes (34-23-11)
Current Streak: One OT Loss
Last Game:  4-3 OT Loss vs Vancouver on Tuesday
Next Game:  Thursday vs Calgary
Thoughts:  The Coyotes just did enough to hang on for one point in the division race tonight.  And while most Coyotes are thinking playoffs, a certain over-tweeting member for the Coyotes is thinking of what life would be like in Canada.  (We're assuming it's tongue-in-cheek stuff here, but still... why even say it?)

San Jose Sharks (39-22-6)
Current Streak:  One Win
Last Game:  3-2 OT Win vs Nashville Tuesday
Next Game:  Thursday vs Vancouver
Thoughts:  Opinion with Stars fans seemed to be split on just who was preferred to come away with the win between the Sharks and Preds, but we can all agree that the three point option was not welcome.  Maybe at this rate we should just be glad both teams can't possibly get two points in a game?  For what it's worth, Sports Club Stats has a Preds OT win doing a lot more damage than a Sharks win did, so I suppose it worked out as well as it could have?