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Surging Dallas Stars Hoping For Big Seven Game Home Stand

You've got to come see this guy.
You've got to come see this guy.

Some people might not have seen Jamie Benn's shorthanded goal last night out on the west coast. Like Jason Williams' game winner on Saturday night, it happened around 11:30pm. They might have missed Brenden Morrow's thrilling overtime winner last night because it was 12:03am when he put the exclamation point on a fantastic road swing that saw Dallas leave in 7th place and come back in 5th.

They may not have seen these things because three of the four games were on Fox Sports Plus and they couldn't find the channel, or else the guide (as was the case at my house) said "Off-Air Programming" last night where there was a Dallas Stars game.

That's a real shame, because the Dallas Stars, in dramatic fashion are absolutely clamoring for attention right now. Attention that they richly deserve.

Luckily, a solution presents itself in the form of a seven game home stand. For the next two weeks the Dallas Stars can be found on a channel called "Get your arse down to the AAC and watch some playoff-intensity hockey."

Spring Training box scores are fun (no they're not) and there's a lot of mystery in what seed the Dallas Mavericks will end up with (no there isn't, it's the 2 or 3 seed) but the Dallas Stars are by far the most intriguing game in town right now.

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The calls started as soon the game ended last night. Ralph Strangis tweeted it. Bob Sturm had this to say:

Do these guys a favor and go watch some hockey in person. Fill this arena. Do it for hockey. Do it to spite Hicks.

We know that if you're reading this blog and you do every day then you're probably already making an effort to come out to the AAC, or else you live in a far away land where this is not possible (Though one of our friends is making a trip from Ohio...), but spread the word anyway.

Players are on record this year saying they prefer to play to full barns, and after recovering from that injury laden slide in February, they've done more than enough to warrant a look in from the more casual fans this spring.

Dallas has been handed an extraordinary opportunity with this seven game home stand to really put themselves in the mix for a variety of options moving forward. The possibility exists still that, at only three points behind the Sharks today, they could conceivably still capture a division lead with strong play and little bit of help. They play San Jose two additional times including a date on this home stand (March 15th.)

Catching the Sharks would be nice, but the focus is still on just making the playoffs and holding on to a seed, preferably not the 8th. The beginning of this stretch is the most critical as Calgary, Minnesota and those same Los Angeles Kings come to town looking to leap back over the Stars and all three teams are extremely close. Breathing room is the name of the game this week, then next week come the heavy hitters out in front: San Jose and Chicago.

The Flyers make a rare visit on the 19th to wrap up play with the Eastern Conference this season. Philadelphia has been struggling as of late but 11 days from now expect sharp, focused competition from a favorite to win it all this year. Also, expect a strong showing from Flyer fans at the AAC. Buy those tickets up before they do.

The team must also be wary of the malaise that can set in during a prolonged home stretch. The Kings famously fumbled away nearly all of an eight game home stand earlier this season. By the end of a six game home stand recently the Canucks were very unhappy with their play and getting back on the road fixed it. In an earlier prolonged home stand the Stars went only 3-3. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. It will be up to Marc Crawford and this team's leaders to ensure the focus continues for two entire weeks.

Let's fill that building up. Let's do it for the players. Let's do it for the playoffs. Let's do it because Jeff K says he has good Charlie Sheen drops to play in the arena now #WINNING