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Video: Jamie Benn Strikes Shorthanded Again

Right now it just feels right to have one Jamie Benn post a day, don't you think? We won't go as far as to say that he's putting the entire team on his back alone right now but there are some pretty long stretches of play where it certainly seems that way.

And just to change it up every now and then he likes to mix a little of this in...

Jamie Benn is tied for 5th in the league with three shorthanded goals and he leads the Dallas Stars with 10 shorthanded SOG. We theorized he might be useful in this capacity in November ("Dallas Stars' Jamie Benn Could Be Dangerous Weapon on the Penalty Kill") but of course these days he is useful in every capacity.

One of the funnier parts of that post in November, looking back, is that we were wondering if he'd eventually be getting more than 15 minutes a night. Now he gets 20-24, though it will come down we hope (for his sake) if and when Brad Richards returns.

Don't overlook Stephane Robidas, who made a tremendous heads up play on this one. Good stuff.