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Stargazing: Is Tonight Dallas Stars' Last Stand?

Dallas Stars fans are a resilient bunch. For the fourth game in a row now, we're all sitting at our desks today (or whatever the case may be) nervously anticipating the biggest game of the year. Three times the Stars have lost and three times we have slowly picked our collective psyche back up off the floor, dusted it off, and talked ourselves into how everything's going to be alright if they can just get that next one.

Can we do it a fourth time? Like a compulsive gambler, we're going to need a bit of positive reinforcement every now and then if we're going to continue this unreasonable cycle until the numbers tell us it's over.

Dallas plays well at the Tank but haven't swept the season series (like they'll try for tonight) in San Jose since 2002, the Sharks are 24-4-3 in their last 31 games, and the Stars still won't have Adam Burish, who is evidently their good luck charm. It's another tough hill to climb, and these 9:30 starts don't make things any easier.

Meanwhile in Stargazing, the Stars blogsphere is starting to crack. Some are still talking hope, some are doing it as an empty exercise. (People have accused us of irrationally doing both). It will be interesting to see which way the conversation breaks tomorrow should the Sharks do what they do best.


  • We start with Mike Heika, who started a blog last night with this "There are those who would like us to look at the playoff picture through more positive eyes, so I will say this: If the Stars go 7-0-0 to end the season, they will finish with 101 points and should make the playoffs." Who can blame him? [DMN]
  • Bob Sturm has a great piece about the game tonight and about the emotions we all invest in the game in general. He toes the line between hope and reality with aplomb. [Bob Sturm - Dallas Stars]
  • ESPN Dallas says "A win makes the picture brighter." Not good, necessarily, but brighter. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Fear the Fin writes their game preview and Mr. Plank shows why he's one of the classier individuals at SB Nation, even if the irrational hatred for the Stars in the comment section isn't. [Fear The Fin]
  • Razor offers no big picture outlook, but chooses rather to opine on young Mr. Benn. [Razor]
  • I still can't figure out what Pegasus News is, or where you'd find it apart from "Google Newsing" "Dallas Stars", but this guy writes a hockey piece every Thursday morning or so and sardonically asks "Are the playoffs overrated anyway?" [Pegasus News]
  • The Canuck fans are not enjoying all the sniping their team is receiving ahead of the playoffs, and that's fair, as they're clearly the favorite (IMO). Maybe if the team's official twitter account would stop spouting off things like "Canucks win the West" every 15 minutes people would stop. You can't win the West until May. [Nucks' Misconduct]