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Stargazing: Razor Fights Back, Waiting for Richards Update, Lindgren Excelling in Europe

While we anxiously await word from Phoenix about Brad Richards status for Friday night in Anaheim, here's some lunch time reading to keep everyone busy.

It appears the cries of the Stars fan have indeed been heard on high by the Razor boy himself and he doesn't share their point of view. Apparently the loquacious pontificator would walk into an MLB dugout, callously point at the scoreboard, and with a cheek full of sunflower seeds loudly ejaculate "HEY LOOK HE'S GOT A NO HITTER GOING!"

From Mr. Reaugh's blog...

So you Easter Bunny, Unicorn believing conspiracy theorists out there, step into the reality lounge. Kari's last two shutout bids were foiled by: A Goligoski high sticking penalty and ensuing Tomas Holmstrom powerplay goal in Detroit. And, a blown coverage followed by a defenseman's slow-boots inability to retrieve a dump-in and make a play late in the game last night.

Oh don't I wish I had the kind of power of speech that some amongst you feel I possess. If I could say a word and have the opposite happen I'd rule the globe. Words like: broke, abstain, and loser would constantly be on the tip of my tongue - not to mention, ugly.

Ah, he's probably right and we love him to death, but sports fans can't be blamed for being a superstitious bunch.


  • Mike Heika has a great piece on Jamie Benn and his dominance lately. It's not behind the pay wall. At least not if you have a free account there I think. [DMN]
  •, of all places, has a great read on Perttu Lindgren, the former Dallas Star prospect. He's having a sensational season in Europe and appears very happy with his progress. He was an RFA last off-season, Dallas made him an offer, but he chose to go back overseas. The Stars retain his North American rights...not sure if anything can come of it for Dallas, however. [FoxNews]
  • When Mike Milbury says you made the right move (in holding onto Brad Richards) you know you're in trouble. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Stepneski updates the playoff race. If the Red Wings are going to let lousy teams like Anaheim beat them this is going to be much harder than I'd hoped. [ESPN Dallas]
  • 'Stars seek a turnaround' [The Hockey Writers]
  • Matt Hulsizer is the man who is currently trying to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes. It has been said recently though that if things continue to go south he will pull out and seek to buy ANOTHER franchise. No word on what franchise that could be, but it's hard to imagine he'd want to step out of one mess and into another one like we have here in Dallas. Still... [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • People think Matt Niskanen is "skilled" [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • The Observer talks about Doug Miller [D Observer]