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Stargazing: Coyotes Will Be Just as Desperate as Dallas Tonight

Tired of waiting all day long for the Dallas Stars to engage the Phoenix Coyotes tonight? Let Krys Barch entertain you. The forward has been busy on Twitter all day long, giving us an interesting look into the atmosphere in Phoenix....

Can't take day one of West Coast road swings. Up at 5am and rollaround in my sheets for 2 hrs. When are they going to put us in the Central?

Good question. Maybe if the Coyotes have to move. Barch had something to say about that as well...

Could be our last trip to Phoenix! Great Place! I wonder if the NHLPA could afford team? Our escrow could have been a lease to own agreement

I wasn't going to say it (it really enrages our Coyote friends) but it's true, this could be the Dallas Stars last trip to Phoenix. Not everyone there is excited about tax payer money subsidizing a private entity that has not been profitable. There seems to be no #winning with that situation in Phoenix these days. Still, it seems like Bettman will find a way to keep the team there. Check out all of Barch's busy Twitter day here.

We could use a little good news on our own ownership front these days but the silence is deafening.


  • NESN is throwing Patrick Kane's name around with Mike Modano's. I don't know about all of that just yet. [NESN]
  • James Neal has one goal in fifteen games with the Pittsburgh Penguins but three recent shootout goals makes him feature worthy. The definition of painful will be watching Matt Niskanen play playoff hockey while the Stars could be watching at home. Yuck. []
  • The Stars are still saying all the right things leading up to this game. [ESPN Dallas]
  • As much as the Stars are saying the right things, it's the Coyotes and their fans that sound even more desperate, and that's just to get home ice. Start with this column at Puck Daddy about the Coyotes intensity in practice and how Dave Tippett is preparing his team. [Puck Daddy]
  • Then check out the game preview at Five For Howling where they rightly point out Shane Doan and his Star-killing antics. Apparently they need him to break out tonight. He always does against Dallas. [Five For Howling]
  • Ralph Strangis has the best column of the week, including this gold: "Like you I’ve read the recent columns from those at well-beyond arms length who now when things look their bleakest have decided to fire a few cannon shots at them.  And while the Stars have been less than inspiring the last few weeks, I wouldn’t count this group out quite yet." Who is he talking about, specifically? Not sure, but I'm betting we don't necessarily have to go outside the Metroplex to find them. You get 'em Ralphy. [Dallas Stars]
  • Razor's blog joins the familiar chorus of "Blame the power play." [Razor]
  • SB Nation Arizona says Bryzgalov has been struggling with rebounds lately, not unlike someone we know. Did you know that Kari Lehtonen has surrendered only one more goal than Bryzgalov has this year? [SBN Arizona]