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Adam Burish and Karlis Skrastins Will Accompany Stars on Trip, Doubtful For Tuesday

Dallas Stars head Coach Marc Crawford revealed today after practice that Adam Burish and Karlis Skrastins will accompany the team on their four game road trip through the Pacific Division but that neither will play tomorrow night in Phoenix against the Coyotes.

Encouraging though it may be that both could play on the road trip, fans find themselves asking "when?" and "will it be in time to help the team?"

Good questions, but given what Burish in particular has done for this team this year, playing with a hurt foot and a hurt leg for most of the season, no more can be reasonably asked of him. Just know that he'll be out there the instant the doctor says it's alright. What's really interesting is how Adam Burish's legend grows, fairly or not, with each passing loss. We've seen it from Dallas Stars fans here at Defending Big D and everywhere else on the internet: People want him back, badly.

He's obviously very important to this team's psyche, and all indications are that they could use that boost now. We had many spies at the Predators/Stars game in Nashville on Saturday and, to quote [paraphrase] someone in the comments this morning, "if the Stars were hanging their heads any lower after that one they'd have tripped over their faces." Some Burish would certainly help there, but it's almost backup quarter back syndrome at this point. Fans are calling for Raycroft as well when none of the Stars recent troubles can rightly be pinned on Lehtonen or anywhere near him.

The most important missing piece, Nicklas Grossman, will not travel with the team. They feel he can get better treatment here in Dallas (Frisco) and he's been fitted for a brace to wear on his knee. Marc Crawford said as soon as he gets some more strength back in it he could conceivably skate pretty soon.

In all likelihood, if the Stars are going to turn this thing around, they're going to have to start without reinforcements. Nearly every team is dealing with the same problems right now