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Stargazing: Reading For A Gloomy Dallas Stars Sunday

The crushing blows of the last two games has Dallas Stars fans feeling pretty glum on a gloomy Sunday in the Metroplex. I'm not going to sugar coat it for you today. Things will require a masterful and immediate 180 degree  turnaround to change, but as we say around these parts, "there is still time."

Here's a little reading...


  • You might be wondering what a national perspective on the Dallas Stars chances are, but you'd be hard pressed to find one, for example, on Puck Daddy's Death Watch. The Stars are an after thought at this point as people wonder how the Blackhawks will finish the season and what the Kings will do without Anze Kopitar. [Puck Daddy]
  • The view from Tennessee is that the Predators can start making their playoff plans now and that may actually win a series for the first time. Ever. Maybe. [Predlines]
  • Brenden Morrow comments on how the Preds stick to their system and force other teams to deviate from their game plans as probably happened to Dallas last night. [ESPN Dallas]
  • The Sharks are rolling, getting a win in Phoenix last night. This means the Stars will meet another team with a great goaltender that thinks defense first looking to shore things up and bounce back from a disappointing performance. Just like Saturday. Goody. [Fear the Fin]
  • Good story here from the Statesman in Austin about how Jordie Benn is trying to make a name for himself. Apparently he's taunted frequently as Jamie Benn's brother and seeks to step out of Jamie's enormous shadow. [Statesman]
  • The TEXAS Stars are taking care of their business in a way the Dallas team is not. They've won four in a row and look in good shape as they come down the stretch. [Hundred Degree Hockey]
  • The Kings lost Anze Kopitar to a broken ankle yesterday, and while that may be (unfortunate) good news for the Pacific Division any other time of year, it's not  here. Now the Kings, who play the Ducks twice coming up will do so without Williams or Kopitar, greatly lessening the chance that Anaheim will, you know, lose out. Also it will make for less drama in the first round of the playoffs as the Kings take on the Wings, Sharks or Coyotes. Booo. [Jewels From the Cown]

Mike Heika really says it all here about the reality of the situation:

After a 4-2 loss in Nashville on Saturday, Dallas is now 1-3-2 in its last six games. That's four out of a possible 12 points, and that's not good enough. Nashville has gone 6-0-0 in that span and gained 12 points. Anaheim is 5-1-0 in its last six. Los Angeles is 4-1-1. And included in each of those is a win over the Stars.

You can't get a much more honest read on who is earning a playoff spot and who is not than that right there.

Dallas has played hard, close games lately but has not played as well as those other teams who are certainly much more deserving at this point. That's just the truth of it right now. In past seasons 91 points got you in. It's just unlucky for Dallas this year that it might take 97 or even 98 points.