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Report: Stars To Return To Charlottetown

Wondering where you should plan your next vacation and when it should be?  Well if you want the focus of that vacation to be on hockey, then might we suggest Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island around September 15th to 20th?  It appears the Dallas Stars are making plans to return to Canada's island province for part of it's 2011 training camp as first reported by

Mayor Clifford Lee and city officials went to Dallas last month with the goal of bringing the Stars back to Charlottetown next season.

Sources tell CBC the NHL team will bring its training camp to the city from Sept. 15 to 20. That's one more day than last year's visit.

Lee wouldn't confirm the news, however.

"Let me just say that I'm feeling really positive about it and there will probably be an announcement on it this coming week," he said.

The Stars spent three days in the home town of Brad Richards as part of their 2010 training camp and it was thought to be a success in helping the team bond before the season started, not to mention the very positive economic impact that it had on the local Charlottetown economy.

Maybe the most notable part about the CBC report is the talk about Richards and his possible status at the start of the new season.  Of course no one should take it as an indication that he will be signed, but it can't hurt during negotiations to be able to say: "Ya know Brad, you won't even have to leave home for part of our camp..."