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2011 NHL Playoffs: Western Conference Tuesday Standings Update

We have a very special feature article coming on Defending Big D later this morning, but in the meantime here's your update on the conference standings.

If we thought that the scenario that played out Sunday evening was bad...then last night was really bad. It could have been much worse, technically, although seeing the Kings and Flames play in yet another three-point game was just the icing on a cake baked with frustration and anger.

According to Sports Club Stats, the least favorable outcome for last night's game was a Flames win in the shootout. Well, we got a Kings win the shootout -- not good but not as bad as it could have been. The good news is that while the Kings did in fact get two points, their ROW did not change and the Stars still have a chance to hold a tiebreaker over L.A. should it be needed.

4 Phoenix 74 39 24 11 89 35
5 Los Angeles 73 41 26 6
88 33
6 Chicago 72 39 25 8
86 34
7 Nashville 73 38 25 10 86 32
8 Anaheim
72 40 27 5
85 36
9 Dallas
72 38 25 9
85 33
10 Calgary
75 37 27 11
85 29

Ok so. Good on the NHL for using some forward thinking and instituting the new tiebreaker rule that penalizes teams for shootout wins. That's going to factor very heavily in the final standings, especially when you consider Nashville's ROW, even if they have been gangbusters the past few weeks.

The win by Los Angeles certainly pushes them ahead of the pack a bit, but I still say that there's a good chance the Kings could find themselves on the outside looking in. When you consider all the teams in the hunt, you have to wonder if the Pacific does in fact send all five teams to the playoffs while one of the Predators and the Blackhawks sit out. The Predators' lack of ROW is going to haunt them.

Calgary is likely done.

Finally...that lost point against the Flyers is going to really, really hurt if the Stars can't beat the Ducks tomorrow night. Game of the Year? Perhaps.