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Still No Mark Fistric For Stars; Loui Eriksson Skates

The reports from Frisco this morning are that Loui Eriksson skated and that is a very encouraging sign. He won't play tonight of course, but I think there should be a very tentative hope for two games from now in a HUGE contest @ Nashville next Saturday night.

Adam Burish cannot skate, however, and that is less encouraging. Marc Crawford did say today that Burish does not have a broken foot as was erroneously reported by ESPN Chicago a few days ago. We knew that already but it's interesting how people take the most negative thing they hear, even it's the least substantiated, and run with it. We heard a "rumor" yesterday that Loui Eriksson was out for the year. Also hogwash, obviously. Be careful about where you get your information from these days.

Mike Heika brings us the stat that Kari Lehtonen is trying to win his first ever game against Philadelphia tonight (0-10-1 career vs Flyers). I wish that were a debunk(able) rumor but it's not.

Mark Fistric will not play again tonight. Jeff Woywitka had a very good game against the Blackhawks (who didn't?) and Marc Crawford doesn't want to mess with a good thing. With the upcoming lull in the schedule resting guys is not really a concern right now, so Fistric continues to sit no matter how beastly he was playing before Grossman returned.

Scoreboard watching tonight:

Red Wings @ Predators (Go Red Wings)
Ducks @ Kings (Go Kings)
Blues @ Sharks (Well, maybe it doesn't really matter...)

If the Stars can manage a win it doesn't really matter, of course. If not it sure would be nice to See Anaheim and Nashville stay where they are.