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Saturday Morning Caption Contest: Using His Head

We're going to try something new and admittedly light to start the weekend off with because lets be honest, living and dying with every out-of-town score from western conference rivals as well as having five minor heart attacks during each Stars game is a little taxing this time of year.

Anyway, as you can see in the above photo, Duncan Keith gets a little too involved with his work while Toby Petersen pays no attention in trying to play the puck... But is that what is really gong on here?

Submit your best caption in the comments below...  The DBD staff will pick a winner to be announced this time next week - that is if there is enough interest to make this a weekly thing.  What will the winner win you may ask?  How does the respect and admiration of all Dallas Stars fans sound?  Ok may not sound as appealing as one would think but we've blown most of our budget this month on sleeping pills so we can actually get a good night's rest after the games, so it'll have to do.