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Stargazing: Loui Eriksson and Adam Burish Out Saturday Against Flyers

There's not much in the way of on ice news today as the players had a very light optional skate in Frisco today. They're trying to find as much as rest as they can during this busy stretch and had the day off on Wednesday as well.

When asked about it after last night's game Marc Crawford said "If they keep playing like that, we'll be giving them a lot of days off here going down the stretch."

ESPN Dallas is reporting that Kari Lehtonen, surprise, will start in net on Saturday versus Philadelphia. After that Kari will be rewarded with just one game in the following seven days, so he'll have plenty of time to rest and finish up the home stand all on his own.

Word is that Adam Burish is still out for Saturday, as is Loui Eriksson, but both are "improving." This is in contrast to the ESPN Chicago report last night that decided Adam Burish has a broken foot. Observe:

Dallas was 1-6-1 in a recent stretch while Burish was out with an eye injury. When he returned they went 6-0-2. Now he's out again after breaking his foot blocking a shot. Without him the Stars have dropped their last two games. [ESPN Chicago]

...which set my Twitter and in-boxes aflame. To the best of my knowledge Adam Burish does not have a broken foot. Or that guy knows more than the rest of us.


  • Mike Heika says that aside from the two points the win gives the Stars confidence that they could take on Chicago in a 7 game series. It's still one that I as a fan would like to avoid, but much less so than Vancouver or Calgary. [DMN]
  • Jonathan Toews said after the game that "It looked like we all picked the same night to crap the bed." Admirable honesty, though the Stars did have a little to do with what went on. [ESPN]
  • Second City Hockey said before the game that the Stars were looking like a team that was teetering on the edge and ready to be "put to the sword". They also said Jamie Benn is merely "James Neal Lite." I thought you all would get a kick out of that. [Second City Hockey]
  • There's a Dallas Stars jersey in today's Puck Daddy Jersey Fouls. It's a white Arnott jersey in the new style that he never wore, with a number he didn't wear here. Stop inventing your own reality with jerseys. [Puck Daddy]
  • Kings Coach Terry Murray actually lashed out at his own fans for booing Los Angeles in a 4-0 loss to the Blues which included Jon Quick surrenderering a goal from the upstairs ladies bathroom. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Razor sums up how bad the power play has been lately. They got away with not needing it last night but that won't be the case the rest of the way. [Razor's blog]
  • In a stunning contrast to the Stars sale in which the fans rejoiced at the very thought of it (at first...), St. Louis faithful found out the Blues are for sale yesterday and are not very happy about it. [Pro Hockey Talk]