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Dallas Stars Best Sports Bars, Home & Away

As SB Nation continues to grow and do everything possible to bring you, the fan, the most sports information you could ever possibly need we begin to move our focus from not just on the ice (or the field, or baseball diamond) but to off the ice as well. In an effort to expand our coverage, SB Nation is looking for the best sports bars and venues around the country....and we need your help. Whether it's in the Dallas area or elsewhere, SBN is looking to build a directory of the best bars around the country. You can see more about this project at Sports Bar Nation.

Representatives from SBN will be descending upon DFW over the next few weeks and they're looking for the best places you go to watch Dallas Stars games, or sports in general. Our company reps for this project will be hitting the Dallas market scouring for good sports bars, and they wanted to know what you guys thought. Where is your destination of choice if you're going to watch Stars games with some friends? If you don't live in the Dallas area, we want to hear from you, too. 

As we move forward with this project, Sports Bar Nation will be promoting meetups and parties for Stars games so keep your eyes open for news in the future about any events. If you have an idea for a meet-up or want to plan one, let them know and they'll help you get the ball rolling.

We'll be building further on this project as time goes by, narrowing down the absolute best places to go to watch games, not just for the atmosphere but for the beer and food as well. 

SB Nation thanks you for your help.