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Loui Eriksson Out Tonight; Brandon Segal Returns to Dallas Lineup

Forward Brandon Segal has cleared re-entry waivers and has been officially recalled by the Dallas Stars as expected. Not only that, but he'll reportedly play tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks.

This means, of course, that Loui Eriksson is out tonight. Or to use Marc Crawford's words "Loui isn't available". It might be easier to judge Eriksson's condition if the Stars were hopping on a plane today (would he go? would he stay?) but the home stand and extended stay in Dallas will mask that for at least another eight days as we try to learn if he has a concussion or not. With Brad Richards it was weeks before the C word was used.

Crawford said Segal was "a victim of circumstance" earlier this year in regard to the Jamie Langenbrunner situation and that the move was made to save the club some money. "It was more a political decision than a hockey decision," said Crawford.

The next question is, logically, what will the lines look like?

"We're back to having to piece things together" commented the coach.

After Loui went down against San Jose, Crawford rolled the following forward combinations out for even strength faceoffs throughout the second and third periods:


...some of which might have been remnants of line changes on icings but you get the idea. The concept of "what the lines are" is an almost incomprehensible one right now, so how Segal will fit into that notion is unknown at this point. Brian Sutherby could get back into the action at some point as well.

How would you construct "the lines"?