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Dany Heatley Set For Disciplinary Hearing With League For Hit To Steve Ott's Head

The silliness continues today with the Dallas Stars Steve Ott versus Douglas Murray and Dany Heatley mini-saga. While the Stars lost the game and hurt their playoff chances last night, our gossip-centric society needs to forget the hockey that was played and focus instead on the drama. So we have to cover it. My apologies to readers who want to read about, you

Pierre LeBrun with ESPN Tweeted the following minutes ago:

Heatley and Marchand both have discipline hearings scheduled with the league

No word on Douglas Murray for his headshot to Tomas Vincour so we'll assume that's not happening. His hit to Eriksson was a hockey play, but appears to have cause the most damage, embodying the complicated nature of policing these kinds of injuries and actions.

It will be a phone hearing and could happen today.

Steve Ott had the following to say of the purposefully errant elbow of Mr. Heatley:

Colin Campbell has his hands full, that's for sure," Ott said. "The Loui Eriksson hit, I think that is prototypical. He's reaching for the hit. The big guy knows what he is doing. He's bearing down and finishing the check. He did it again on Vincour and elbowed him right in the face. My head is killing me from the light right now from Dany Heatley's little cheap shot. If this doesn't get looked at, I don't know. I guess when you're used to being on the other end and being suspended like I have in the past, it's pretty evident where this stuff should go in a hurry."

The NHL Wheel of Justice sagely predicts "paltry fine". It sounds horrifyingly accurate.