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Ott Tees Off on Headshot Issue in Post-Game Media Scrum

I  know from Art's game recap thread that many of you caught Steve Ott's comments on headshot issue. If you watched the game, you no doubt know that Douglas Murray and Dany Heatley re-ignited this debate after the pair of Sharks threw some elbows at the heads of Loui Eriksson, Tomas Vincour, and Ott himself tonight that ranged from questionable in nature to flat out blatant in the case of the final two incidents.

Well the media sought out Ott during the post-game media scrum and one of the members specifically asked about the Murray elbow on Loui Eriksson that knocked the Stars forward out of the game and led to a fight between Ott and Murray on each player's ensuing shifts.

And we all know how great Ott is in front of a microphone.

Rest of the story after the jump.

And if you'd like to hear Ott's spoken words during the scrum, the great Stars PR team has the audio posted on their website.

Ott wasted no time in getting to his point stating that he thinks "Colin Campbell's got his hands full."

"When you're used to being on the other end and being suspended like I've been, it's pretty evident where this stuff should go."

Ott discounted any talk that the hit from Murray on his fellow countryman and on Vincour might have been accidents and said, "He knew what he was doing."

"I don't care if Heatley makes $10 million or Murray, it's time to get this out of the game as fast as we can. We've got guys who will be icing heads now. You only have one brain so let's, honestly, starting figuring something out."

I can already hear Ott's detractors from around the league ready to hurl the "hypocrite" label at him. And I'm not going to play dumb. I get why opposing team fans hate him to a certain degree.

But I will also offer up the following defense for Ott. The closest Ott has come to a headshot was when he hit Jordan Leopold back in 2008. Colin Campbell deemed that hit on the then member of the Colorado Avalanche to be worthy of a three game suspension.

Not to mention, this chicken wing hit by Brad Marchand on R.J. Umberger is gaining copious amounts of traction thanks to Greg Wyshynski. Tell me how Murray's hits on Eriksson and Vincour are any different.

On this issue, Ott's certainly got a point. And given that the NHL has always been a reactive league to issues like the headshot issue, I'd suggest that anyone who shares Ott's sentiment but hates the player, ditch whatever biases you have against him. At least on this issue.

Because he's right.