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Do The Stars Shoot the Puck Enough on The Power Play?

Nearly every one of you (Dallas Stars fans) who saw this headline on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, SB Nation and any of the other places it comes up had one answer to that question: "No!"

If you come to the American Airlines Center tonight you're almost assured to hear the familiar, unhelpful chorus of "SHOOT THE PUCK!", as if they're not trying as hard as they possibly can to shoot the puck. As if they don't have a better idea of what's going on at ice level than those yelling do. As if it's somehow helpful to the players to hear the fan's frustration when they're already just as frustrated that they can't get the shot they want. As if all shots are created equal.

Don't be that guy. (This concludes the rant portion of this post.)

The boys at behindthenet might be better suited to run these kinds of numbers and if you're so inclined you can probably find better CORSI related stats for 5on4 TOI and all of that at their stats site here, but I wanted to dumb this down a bit using the data available to us, so I compiled the Stars total PP time, their opponents PP time and PP shots in all situations to see how Dallas stacks up against their competition. These are actual SOG, not pucks directed at the net (blocks, misses). I may extend this to that in the future.

As Razor likes to say, power play stats should be compiled "per two minutes" not "per power play", so I chose to express their average number of shots on goal as "per two minutes of power play time."

Would you be surprised to learn the Stars record less than one shot on goal per minute on the power play?

Here are the results through 69 games:

Total PP's Total PP SOG Total PP Minutes PP Shots Per 2 Minutes
Dallas 259 390 437.7 1.782
Opposition 251 381 420.183 1.813

See the game by game breakdown here on Google Docs if you are so inclined.

While their opposition manages to get a tiny bit more rubber on net than the Stars do, these numbers are close enough (.05 pp shots per minute close) to tell us that Dallas basically gets as many pucks on net as their opposition does, and that at least should be a comforting thought to the "omg shoot moar!" crowd.

Shot quality and "scoring chances" are a whole other discussion, but when I hear the crowd at the AAC clamor for more shots I very rarely ever hear some old lady with her plastic cup of wine yell "OMG, GET A HIGH QUALITY SCORING CHANCE!"

Just something to think about.