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Video: Dallas' Jamie Benn Continues Offensive Onslaught

Last night Jamie Benn became only the third player in the NHL this season, along with Michael Grabner and Dan Cleary) to score a goal in six consecutive games, and he'll have a chance to extend it to a league leading seven against the Los Angeles Kings on Sunday afternoon.

The absurdity of the streak isn't the volume/length but the quality of goals scored and their context within a game and ultimately the Stars season as a whole.

1.) The winner in Phoenix with 4.8 seconds remaining
2.) Second period in Anaheim to tie the game after Ducks had dominated early.
3.) Short-handed breakaway goal in San Jose.
4.) Short-handed breakaway goal in Los Angeles late to complete another third period comeback.
5.) PP Goal down 3-0 to Calgary at the time. Saved a point in the standings.
6.) Last nights incredible game winner that broke the malaise against Wild.

We won't go as far as to say the 6-0-2 point streak the Stars are on is ALL because of Jamie Benn but it's hard not to give him an absurd chunk of the credit.

Beyond the spectacular nature of the goals the impressive part is that he's not a secret any more. Teams know where their defensive focus must be. They've got his number circled on the white board, and he just doesn't care. This is the most pressure packed March we've ever seen and Benn looks like he's simply having fun.

Watch his ho-hum facial expression at about :47 seconds.

Priceless, and as Razor points out, lest we forget that no one does it alone, it was an alert play by newly returned Nick Grossman to move the puck quickly and decisively that got Benn's legs moving up ice.

Grossman combining with Benn against Minnesota? I think I've seen that before...


Jamie would later score a second goal in that game.

Do you think he's looking forward to the last game of the season in Minnesota? We are.