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Dallas Stars Ups & Downs: Week 17

Safe to say that this weeks edition of U&D's won't be pretty with the Stars having lost all three of their previous games, but I did manage to find a positive here and there because as bad as three losses in one week is at least it wasn't four losses right?

Goalies Trend Notes
Kari Lehtonen Hard to fault him completely for this past week, but those games against Vancouver and Boston could have gone much better.
Andrew Raycroft Two shots against and two goals against in the game against Boston. Granted it wasn't all on his shoulders, but yikes!
Trevor Daley Still good defensively, but his play offensively has dropped off a fair amount.
Mark Fistric A -2 in his return to the lineup against Philly.
Nicklas Grossman As always a nice physical presence at the blue line, but teams with speed as always can get around him.
Matt Niskanen Handled the puck like a live grenade one too many times this week.
Stephane Robidas  A -4 mark against the Bruins puts a damper on what was otherwise a marginal week for him.
Karlis Skrastins Saved from a 'down' thanks to his goal against Boston, but otherwise wasn't overly effective in his own zone.
Krys Barch Hate to pick on a guy that got pummeled right into the IR, but it's frustrating to see him lose twice as many fights than he wins.
Adam Burish Showed lots of toughness in trying to stay in the Boston game and even scoring while his eye was swelling shut.
Loui Eriksson A decent offensive week for him as his strong overall play continues. Was the Stars best forward of the week.
Aaron Gagnon Played the role of a decent - if not young and inexperienced - defensive forward and didn't look overly bad in doing so.
Jamie Langenbrunner Not that many of us were expecting a flood of goals or anything, but a point at some point this week would have been nice.
Travis Morin Getting a longer look at the pros due to injuries and not doing too bad as a fill-in. Was actually quite good on face offs against the Flyers.
Brenden Morrow Did spark the comeback a little against Boston, but his offensive play from a few weeks ago has completely cooled off.
James Neal Back to being almost completely snake bit.
Steve Ott The demolishing of Gregory Campbell and 15 minutes worth of PIMs along with one assist  he racked up against Boston were the only impressive parts of his game this week
Mike Ribeiro Same ol, same ol from Ribs... Lots of pretty passing and creating plays - No results.
Brad Richards We know he's fighting through some nagging injuries so we'll cut him slack as well.  Still managed to put up a goal and assist so he's not completely fallen off the board, but the Stars need more.
Brian Sutherby Please Brian... Stop fighting. Your attempts are more depressing than Barch's
Raymond Sawada Not to make light of it, but I'm willing to bet he's not a huge fan of the movie "The Blind Side"
Colton Sceviour Didn't see much ice time, but a solid debut for the kid nonetheless.