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Stargazing: Will Brad Richards Trade Speculation Never Cease?

You thought the Brad Richards silliness had ended, didn't you? Never!

It's almost too silly to mention but it's just so much fun watching these northeastern types twist and turn in the wind up there. Move over Maple Leaf and Ranger fans because the Bruin lot must now have their say. Kevin Dupont of the Boston Globe unleashed a scenario upon the hockey consuming public yesterday and suggested the B's must get Brad Richards to replace Marc Savard.

The blogosphere was aroused. It was thoroughly titillated. Twitter swooned.

It was, of course, all for naught. The Stars are in playoff contention no matter how horribly they might be playing as of late, and Brad Richards has a no trade clause. That first reason alone is good enough to slam the door on GM Joe trading his star center. The only part of the story people should of read was this:

Unquestionably, Richards is the move Chiarelli should make, provided Nieuwendyk is dealing. If there is no dance to be had in Dallas, then it’s a steep drop to the land of misfit toys for replacements or alternative approaches.

Ah, there's a bit of sanity. "Provided Nieuwendyk is dealing." It's all just fun, of course. He's just doing his job. It is amusing, though, to see the hoopla. If you're bored, search "Brad Richards" on Twitter and read the ensuing hilarity for pages and pages.


  • Proof that there is intelligent life out there amongst the cosmos - this headline reads "Tomas Kaberle Tops List of Trade Targets". Not Brad Richards. [ESPN]
  • CBS drops the Stars pretty far down in the power rankings, rightfully so, but says that their slide is going to complicate their posture at the deadline. I don't know if that's bad yet. A 1-2 home stand here could change my mind. [CBS]
  • Mark Stepneski wrote a good piece after talking to Tomas Vincour, the latest young man (presumably tomorrow) to make his NHL debut for the Stars this season. We loved in him in pre-season but he has not risen to the occasion in the AHL. Yet. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Think the Stars are in trouble? Check out the Colorado Avalanche who haven't scored in over 120 minutes now. Unfortunately their latest exercise in futility came against the Coyotes last night, who we'll see on Wednesday. [SB Nation Denver]
  • If you pay, you can read Mike Heika's thoughts on the Stars strong faceoff play lately. That's how hard one must dig to find the positive right now unfortunately. Face offs. They have been quite good, even without Adam Burish. [DMN]
  • Former Stars great Guy Carbonneau is back behind the bench in a coaching position with the... Chicoutimi Sagueneens. Apparently that is a real team name. One of the oldest in the QMJHL by the looks of it. [Winnipeg Free Press]