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Stars' Wandell Close, Burish and Barch Have Fractured Orbital Bones

I didn't make it out to Stars practice today but ESPN and the Morning News did of course, and the news is not exactly encouraging.

Word is that Tom Wandell, who the Stars did place on IR, could be ready as early as Wednesday and he practiced with the team (without contact). Jaime Benn, who was not placed on IR, is still thought to be much further away. He will not play this week and maybe not next week either. "Shoulder". That's still all we know.

Meanwhile, the foolish fisticuffs in Boston are still stinging because Krys Barch had surgery to repair a broken orbital bone and Adam Burish will have the same once his swelling goes down. (It's been 4 days...) So it turns out getting punched in the face is not all it's cracked up to be.

Surgeries on fractured orbital bones can put players out anywhere from just seven days to several weeks so hopefully Burish will be on the quick side of that.

Toby Petersen is at least skating again, so that's a good sign. He might be able to play Friday, if there is a shred of good luck to be had anywhere around here. (Stop laughing, it could happen)

Tomas Vincour (VIN-SOOR, btw people) practiced with the team. Aaron Gagnon is still collecting that fat NHL paycheck and is due for a goal, we hope. Wathier is still with the team as well as far as I know leaving the Stars with 11 healthy forwards. Wandell could make 12 if he can play on Wednesday night.