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Dallas Stars MASH Unit: Juggling The Lines

I was hoping the Dallas Stars ambulance wouldn't make an appearance this season.
I was hoping the Dallas Stars ambulance wouldn't make an appearance this season.

The "2,000 mile storm" that blew across this greatest nation of ours this week has produced some pretty interesting circumstances for sports teams and leagues no matter how big or small. Postponements have become the norm in many places and even the Super Bowl lost power in a tertiary uni-sex family restroom in the secondary media hub on an inconsequential occasion many days before the big game (the horror!) ... But we digress.

The Stars have recalled Colton Sceviour from Cedar Park and the young man could become the latest in the Stars pool of prospects to make his debut tonight if Marc Crawford finds the situation to his liking.

Sceviour had to travel to Dallas from Austin and then on the airplane to the North East. Travis Morin also traveled from Dallas having passed out several days before when traveling with the team to Boston. The doctors checked him out and he's fine.

Francis Wathier had been trying to travel back to Cedar Park after attending the AHL All-Star Gamebut was stuck in Chicago for several days.

As it is they're shuffling the bottom of their lineup and Aaron Gagnon remains one lucky guy as the one call up who hasn't suffered a malady yet. Meanwhile, all the call ups means the Texas Stars are having just as bad of a week as the Stars are.

So we  have the curious circumstances of these lines intact, if Coach should so choose...


And the other two in disarray... That's where everyone else comes in. How do you distribute these forwards following all the injuries? The Benn/Ott/Burish line is 2/3rd destroyed.

For my money it's something like this...?


But even then there's no promise that Crow won't play seven defensemen, double shift top-6 guys and roll with "four lines" that are a bit of a farce. The loss of Burish in the faceoff dot is a severe blow that should not be overlooked. Gagnon has performed well enough there when called upon and could be used in that capacity a little more in the next few contests.

How would you design your lines and minutes tonight if you were wearing Crawford's timeless hairdo? Would you rather see Fistric or Niskanen on the wing that use so many young players?