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Stargazing: Stars Place Adam Burish on IR, Wathier Recalled

The Dallas Stars luck with the injury bug has officially run out. Just two games ago when the Edmonton Oilers (mercifully) came to town we thought Jamie Benn and Tom Wandell would miss that game and then the All-Star break would come and magically heal them and Toby Petersen would return and everything would be fine as February returned.

That didn't happen, and to add injury to more injury (and the insults, oh the insults have come on the scoreboard...) now the Stars will lose Adam Burish for at least seven days as he has been placed on injured reserve. Krys Barch has suffered some kind of apparent eye injury, requiring a hospital visit and a check of his cornea, and Ray Sawada "looked like a mess" last night according to Marc Crawford and had his arm in a sling.

So Travis Morin, after having fainted at the airport on Wednesday, flies up to Philadelphia with Francis Wathier. If you're having trouble working the math out on your hands cave man style, let me break it down: That's three injuries and two bodies on the way.

So the Stars will probably roll with seven defensemen on Saturday and that's only if Mark Fistric can get himself back in the game after battling illness this week.

We might actually analyze the hockey that was played last night here at some point but we're busy scrubbing ourselves with a wire brush in the shower trying to get the smell of it off.

[Update]: Word from the Bruins is that Dan Paille has been given a 4 game suspension for his illegal hit on Ray Sawada. A post will follow...


Lots of good links and notes after the jump...

The game draws national attention from ESPN as they do their debate thing with LeBrun and Burnside. They talk about the hit, the fights, the coming suspension, and they drop this in here:

Beyond the hits and fights, the Boston/Dallas game also revealed a Stars team that seems to be on the verge of freefall. They are 1-4-0 in their past five games and have given up 24 goals in those four losses. Dallas still leads San Jose by five points, but the Sharks are coming.

Can't argue with that.

  • Reports are that there weren't really any Bruins willing to stick up for Paille last night after the game. They knew it was a bad hit. Andrew Ference has some good quotes about it. [Boston Herald]
  • Jackets Cannon, in the middle of the Stars horrendous stretch, says they'll finish 2nd in the West. This one just made me laugh a little bit. I think we're being mocked but I can't tell. [Jackets Cannon]
  • Ryan Lambert has a thinly veiled defense of Dan Paille and says it was a clean play. He puts the onus on Sawada for putting himself in a vulnerable position. I'm all about personal responsibility but the league has made it clear where it lies with these hits. [Yahoo!]
  • ESPN Dallas has Marc Crawford quotes on the updates about the injuries. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Reports are that Sceviour was going to  be re-called but the weather is making it impossible.