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2011 NHL Trade Deadline: Los Angeles Kings Trade For Dustin Penner

Finally a big deal...  The Los Angeles Kings - maybe resigned to the fact they weren't going to get Brad Richards - went with the second best option available on the day by picking up Dustin Penner from the Edmonton Oilers.

Again as always with the breaking news.. Bob McKenzie on Twitter:

Penner to LAK for Teubert, first round pick and a conditional 2nd round pick. Trade call pending.

Penner is no doubt a huge addition for the Kings and we know what he brings to the table as he makes his return to Southern California, but the price they paid was pretty damn big in our opinion.  The first round pick could be mid-round and Colten Teubert is a very solid blue line prospect with great size and fairly good speed as well as a pretty good shot.

The conditional 2012 2nd is based on the Kings playoff performance, otherwise it will be a 3rd round pick in 2012.