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2011 NHL Trade Deadline: Brad Richards Says Ownership Must Be Resolved For New Contract

Brad Richards talked to the media today after his 45 minute skate, talking about his recovery from a concussion and the current trade talks as the deadline nears. Today was the fifth day that Richards has been skating and he said that he's feeling better and pushing harder each day.

"It's the hardest I went and I pushed it there at the end,"Richards said. "The last four to five days I've been ramping it up a little bit. If I go home today and there's no setbacks, no issues, then I'll do more tomorrow. Very encourage though. Feels good just get out there."

Richards also stated that it's likely he won't be on the road trip with the Stars and that he'll stay in Dallas to continue to recover.

"I don't know yet," Richards said when asked if he'll be with the team on the flight this afternoon. "With all the road trips and two days between games, might be best just to wait it out here. I've got the gym here, I've got the doctors here.

"We're going to discus all hat today."

Richards also talked about the injury and what it felt like after the hit by Samuel Pahlsson on February 13:

"I've been day to day, really," said Richards. "The way it happened, there's been nothing anybody has told me you're not allowed to do. Unfortunately, it lingered longer than I thought. For two or three days, I had a sore jaw and I wasn't sure if the headaches were from the jaw or the actual head injury.

"I haven't had any really terrible days, but the awareness is there right now and I've talked to people like Sid (Sidney Crosby) and people who have had them, and the Stars have too. They've been pushing the same things I've been pushing, and we're on the same page with that. It's unfortunate, because I want to be out there and that would be a perfect world, but health is more important.''

Of course, Richards was asked what he expected to happen today as the trade deadline nears. There has been speculation that he would be willing to be traded to the New York Rangers and that is the one and only team he'd accept a trade to. Richards, however, said that he has not been approached about any trade to any team and that he's going about business as normal.

"It's status quo for me. I woke up today, came to work and did what we planned on doing yesterday. I just plan on doing that," Richards said. "Nothing has been presented to me that's going to make any change in what I am doing. Until that happens there is nothing really to talk about."

"No one has talked to me yet. For now, just going to keep on doing what I'm doing with the Dallas Stars."

Richards also confirmed that the Stars have not asked him or his agent for a list of teams he'd be willing to be traded to. As far as a possible contract extension, Richards reiterated that until the ownership issues are resolved he's very hesitant to make any decision on an extension with the Stars.

"There's not one thing that's gained any traction that's changed my stance on what I've said all along," said Richards. "Until I kind of see what's going on here, until I see who's going to be the GM, who's going to be running the team...there's a lot of questions. I have the right in the situation I'm in to ask these questions and I'm going to keep asking them.

"We're this close to the summer, waiting to see who's going to be in charge just makes sense to me and what I want to do."

When Richards was asked what he expected to happen come 2 p.m. today, he was adamant that he wants to be in Dallas and said that he's never wanted to leave. It's very apparent at this point that that Richards wants to stay in Dallas for the long-term and that if it were up to him he'd already have signed an extension. The ownership situation, however, is what is making this situation very, very uncertain.

"I'm a Dallas Star. These are my friends, these are my teammates, " Richards said. "I do understand that Joe has to do a job and he's got to look at what is best for the franchise. That's the business we're in, it happens all the time. There's no hard feelings. We've been open to know what's going on.

"Still doesn't mean I'll waive my no-trade. I've told him all along that if he has something, I'll look at it and try to make a decision on it."

Richards was pushed for an answer on what he expects this afternoon and was adamant that right now he's a Dallas Star and that's all that matters right now.

"Everything is speculation," said Richards. "Until I get offered something in front of me, I'm not going to sit here and talk about it. I'm a Dallas Star. There's no need to speculate on that. If you're asking me and it's the day before July 1 and I'm a free agent, maybe it could be answered. But I'm under contract with the Stars and that's where I plan on being and if something changes, I'll look at it."