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2011 NHL Trade Deadline: Brad Richards Not Been Asked For List, Has Not Given One

From Mark Stepneski on Twitter on Brad Richards who just got off the ice after a 45 minute skate:

Brad Richards said nothing has been presented to him by the Stars, so it is status quo. He has not given the Stars any list of teams.

A few minutes earlier David Shoals of the Globe And Mail also chimed in with his thoughts on Twitter:

Sorry to add this to what looks like a long day: Hear there is little chance Brad Richards gets traded.

He then added as it comes to the contract situation:

Further to Brad Richards - don't look for a new contract with Dallas right away. J. Nieuwendyk has to convince bankers to open vault.

It's looking more and more like #91 will be staying for the season.  The last words (tweets?) goes to BigDHockey who took this pointed quote from Richards in his talk with the media after his skate:

Brad Richards: "I'm a Dallas Star"