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Video: Shea Weber Boards Tomas Vincour

Video: Dallas Stars winger Tomas Vincour is boarded by Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber.

The Stars power play finally delivered in a big way at a big moment yesterday but it came at quite a price as Tomas Vincour became the latest Texas Star called up only to be the victim of a pretty dirty hit. (re: Ray Sawada).

Visit our comment section every now and then and you'll know that we are pretty big fans of Shea Weber and would give up a lot to get him in a Dallas Stars uniform but this hit is pretty indefensible. He hits him square in the back, and pretty high as well. When you hit a guy in the name plate like that there's not a lot of mystery in where his head is going next.

Every time this happens detractors say the young players need to be more responsible about not putting themselves in prone positions but the league has been pretty clear about where the onus is in these situations.

Two things are surprising about this hit. First, Weber reacts as though he shouldn't be whistled on the play (though then apparently turns around to see if Vincour is alright), and second, no one even lays a hand on him.

For all the complaining we do about scrums and fights in this league following clean hits, it seems a little odd that there was none of it here after a "filthy" one, as Razor calls it. Then again, Dallas didn't have a lineup conducive to agitating and face-washing out there (63, 21, 81, 37, 28).

Shea Weber is a stand up dude and is not known for stuff like this, but let's just tuck this one in our pockets and see if anything comes of it on March 26th in Nashville.