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Stargazing: Stars - Predators Pre-Game Notes

The photographer in Detroit gave us like 9 Goligoski photos. I think he was stalking him.
The photographer in Detroit gave us like 9 Goligoski photos. I think he was stalking him.

As I opened my eyes this morning and lazily lay in my bed, loathe to put my feet on the floor and intent on enjoying the finer things in life (like not being in a hurry on a Saturday morning) I couldn't help but wonder if the away team has an advantage in a 1:00pm start owing to the fact that they don't get to wake up in their own beds this relaxed and this reluctant to get going.

Then again, the Stars are professional athletes and I am a lazy slob who stayed up too late last night. Nevertheless, given their history with matinées, we'll see who's more bright eyed and bushy tailed in two hours.

The Predators haven't scored a goal in 120 minutes. The Stars didn't score a goal the last time the Preds were here. Something's gotta give. Let us hope it's the Stars power play, which has given virtually nothing lately and used to be one of the league's top home units.


  • Now that it looks like Brad Richards probably won't be traded, the fanbases that wanted him are convincing themselves otherwise. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • People continue to put stock in how many of what teams scouts were at what game, like two Stars scouts at a Capitals game. If I were to tell you the list of scouts on the press box roster every game your head would spin with conspiracy I don't, because it's meaningless. [DC Sports Box]
  • I like how people are going to James Neal for quotes after Pens games now, or if it's like Stars games, the Pens are asking Neal to remain in room to talk to media. Penguins have Niskanen and Neal video on their front page.
  • The boys at On The Forecheck have more derogatory things to say about the Goligoski trade and want this game as badly as we do. [On the Forecheck]
  • Piece on Goligoski on the Stars web site [Dallas]
  • Heika says Stars will get the Predators best punch today, the way that Edmonton was motivated after being called out by their coaching staff a few games back. [DMN]
  • Swing by 314 and say hello today if you're going. Look for me chasing my daughter around at intermission.