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Video: Nieuwendyk Assists, Former Stars Keane, Muller Score in Alumni Game

We didn't get to see this televised in the states but it looks like the Heritage Classic Alumni game was chock-full of former Dallas Stars making an impact including an apparent assist from Joe Nieuwendyk (#25), and goals from Mike Keane and Kirk Muller. Let's go to the video tape...

As they so correctly point out, Mike Keane played in the AHL very recently so that's almost not fair. Bob Gainey coached the Canadiens and Craig Ludwig and Brian Skrudland were also present. These boys may not be moving very quickly but it looks like they had a lot of fun.

"You see the guys again, it brings back a lot of great memories,’’ Nieuwendyk told the Sun afterward. "To see Harley and Becky (Hotchkiss) again, and the staff we had. Cliff and Riser, Tom Watt . . . a special group. Jiri Hrdina. Brian MacLellan. Everybody. Whether it’s day or months or years, you get together again and nothing’s changed, it’s just as easy. You just take up where you left off."

Maybe Joe can streak down the wing and help the Stars PP out, eh?