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Travis Morin "Passes Out" at Airport, Will Not Play In Boston

Mike Heika has some disturbing news tonight, reporting that Dallas Stars forward Travis Morin "passed out" this evening while waiting for the plane to leave from Dallas to head to Boston. He was taken to the hospital but was released and is apparent in good condition. He is not with the team, however, and will not play tomorrow night in Boston.

Heika has this quote from coach Marc Crawford:

``We know he tested out fine today, so we'll see what happens tomorrow,'' Stars coach Marc Crawford said. ``We're fine right now, and we'll see if he can join us after that.''

The Stars had called up Ray Sawada earlier in the day and do not plan on another call up before the game tomorrow night in Boston. According to Heika, there's a chance that Morin could skate tomorrow in Dallas before meeting the team in Philadelphia for Saturday's game against the top team in the Eastern Conference.

Morin made his NHL debut for the Dallas Stars last week and has shown good potential as a hard working, gritty forward with good size. He's created a number of scoring chances and was one of the better players on the team during last night's loss to Vancouver. Morin was selected to the AHL All Star Game, but did not play because of his call up to Dallas.

There's no indication of what happened to Morin or why he might have passed out, but a quick release from the hospital is certainly a good sign. Let's hope it was nothing more than dehydration and that he can make it back on the ice as soon as possible.