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Stargazing: Brad Richards Concussion Talk; Could Stars Have Landed Erik Johnson?

Very late last night as Friday was turning into Saturday, a couple of NHL general managers were getting busy and former first overall pick Erik Johnson (D) was traded to the Colorado Avalanche for power forward Chris Stewart and burgeoning defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, who might have the best name in hockey.

Twitter responded and buzzed and swooned. Stars fans woke up and started to wonder what it would have taken for Dallas to acquire him. An interesting question.

Chris Stewart is easy to compare. That's James Neal. The two have been compared before during contract talks and while Neal's numbers are better it's still a fair likeness for purposes of meaningless discussions such as these. There's also a conditional second round pick going to the Blues.

But what of Shattenkirk? Depth at defenseman is an organization-wide problem for Dallas. At best you could have offered up Philip Larsen as a comparable but he hasn't spent the same time in the NHL or accomplished as much. That's where this hypothetical deal that never was falls down a little.

The Avalanche have depth at that position in their organization. They have more young d-men coming. What does Dallas have? There are reasons why St. Louis would not have seen this deal the same way with Dallas comparables and reasons why Dallas might not have approached it the same was as Colorado did.

Is Johnson's potential worth it? Would it have been worth even more? We'll never know, but people seem to like to dream about these sorts of things so have at it.


  • Marc Crawford finally said yesterday in Vancouver that Brad Richards does indeed have concussion like symptoms, so let's tap the breaks on thinking he'll be back Tuesday. Concussions have run rampant through the league this year and have held guys out much, much longer than that. Keep your fingers crosses. [Vancouver Sun]
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  • On The Forecheck put together a chart of who has the hardest remaining schedules. The Stars have the 3rd worst (hardest) remaining schedule in the league by points percentage. That is just not good. [OTF]
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