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Stargazing: Stars Slump Has Brad Richards Name Back in News Cycle

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I've been going over the internet with a fine tooth comb tonight, looking for something that I could consider a positive for the Dallas Stars and their fans.

The Coyotes won tonight. The Kings got a point. The Predators beat the Canucks. The Wings won. The Sharks are leading the Capitals in the third. Folks are starting to drag Brad Richards discussion back out into the light. The ownership teaser news of yesterday has yielded nothing in the way of encouraging follow up, the Stars will get no one back in the lineup tomorrow night, there's no news on Jamie Benn and to top it all off... I looked at the standings. That was a mistake.

You see, I've been out of town since Monday and missed both games this week so I am trying to get caught up on the state of things. The state of things stinks.

Here's the positive... Not only is Saturday's game in VAN the last the Stars must play against them, but if it's possible the Canucks are even more banged up than the Stars are, though it doesn't extend to any of their offensive players, meaning their PP will likely continue it's dominance over Dallas. Whoops, I lost my happy thought. I would make a lousy Peter Pan.


  • Here's the word from Heika. No Grossman. [DMN]
  • You can read Tim Cowlishaw's bio for free but to read more than the first three sentences of what I am sure is a riveting exercise in "Well, duh", you have to pay to read "Life for Dallas Stars without Brad Richards looks bleak".
  • The Canucks are more banged up than the Stars but they're so good that they're just not even worried about it a little bit. Must be nice. [Globe and Mail]
  • Boston's Ference is still taking heat for his stance on that bit of nastiness with Paille and Sawada. He's a pretty stand up guy and is defending himself, though. [ESPN]
  • A nice depressing summary of the current situation. How else could it go? [The Hockey Writers]
  • "Business Insider" writes... wait, Business Insider? Everyone wants a piece of that Brad Richards trade rumor traffic pie. [Business Insider]
  • As we linked earlier, the talking heads at ESPN say that GM Joe "must put the future of the franchise ahead of this season's short-term goals..." I could write a 3,000 word response about why that's not necessarily true. [ESPN]
  • Heika responded to the ownership "news" of the day with a late piece saying the same thing that's been said all along. That things are moving forward. That they're taking their time. That there's nothing to do but just wait and see. It's tiresome, but we should all be MUCH more inclined to believe anything he says than someone who lives in a different country. [DMN] Besides... short term problems... the new owner wouldn't be able to run a better PP.
  • 4 out of 5 dentists agree that Karlis Skrastins is a calming influence on the Stars blue line. []
  • I see local radio personality and all around great guy to talk to Bruce Levine is writing for Dallas now. Give him a click. []