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Dreger: Stars Sale Takes A Turn Upwards

Here we go again...

Darren Dreger of TSN - who in terms of 'hockey insiders' is easily one of the most trusted and reliable men in the business - is reporting in his edition of the online "Dreger Report" that the sale of the Dallas Stars could be looking up at the very least:

Sources say that in the past few weeks, the ownership situation in Dallas has turned for the better - with negotiations with an unnamed group interested in buying the Stars to the point where all parties involved (including the NHL) have an agreement in price.


Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk says his options haven't changed and he remains optimistic he will be able to re-sign Richards. Nieuwendyk's chances of doing this will vastly improve with new ownership.

For his full writeup on the situation check out his report under the Feb. 16 header.

He also tweeted a short time later that this was all very early stages talk:

I should clarify, it's a "general" agreement in price specific to the Stars, so a firm and final number needs to be nailed down.

UPDATE: 5:04 pm CST

Mike Heika - who as we all know is the go to man when it comes to Stars information and news - posted on his blog that it's not just one group that's in the sale and that the price of the team and it's assets isn't as close to being as nailed down as Dreger had maybe indicated:

The source said that several groups are interested in buying the Stars and that the buyers are getting much more serious about the price that the lenders are seeking, but that a deal is not close at this time.


But what the source says is that they are ``in the process'' right now, and that the process at this time includes several buyers and no set price.

I'll hopefully have more later as I continue to make calls.

Again, please check the link and read Mr. Heika's full report on the matter as well as his theory on how the sale may in fact play out.

We're not about to get into a case of "he said / he said" here on the blog and this could be a situation on where both Mr. Dreger and Mr. Heika are accurate in their reporting, but the real bottom line is that progress is indeed being made on the sale of this club and just knowing that should allow Stars fans to breathe at least a little easier even through the slump being played out on the ice.